The Claymore Kids are a sad pair of nerds that wander the halls of Dartmouth High School. Simply put, they are the Chris Chan of Dartmouth High. They are rarely seen apart, and when they are separated there is always a depressed aura emanating from them. They are divided into two names: Red, and Blue. Red is usually seen wearing a Red Sweater, and Blue generally wears a blue sweatter (This however, is known to change, but the name does not change)


1. Where you see Blue, you will find Red shortly behind.

2. Where you see Red, you will find Blue shortly behind.

3. They are eachothers only friends.

4. They are rarely separated.

5. No girlfriends/girls are ever seen talking to them.

6. They are trolled into rage easily.

7. Blue Is half Kenyan (Due to his OMG AMAZING Running skills).

8. They never stop talking about lame RTS games, or Cock of Duty.


They attend classes as any high school student would. At lunchtime, they can be seen eating their lunches that their mothers packed for them in the cafeteria. After the finnish lunch, they walk aimlessly arround the school. The most common spot they walk by is Harbour 2, or rather it was untill the great project of Opperation Lock 'N' Stalk was put into action. Now they are rarely seen in that hallway. The Claymore Kid bane resides in Harbour 2. The small group of students that keep the grade 10's at bay, and defend the school from Faggatory.

At the end of the day, the pair rides a school bus to a location we assume is close to their households. The conversations that ensue on the bus are of mindnumbing levels. It is said that if you payed attention to a full conversation between the two, you would instantly want to kill yourself. Blue has been seen on some ocasions running at the speed of smell to his house from the bus. This is assumed to be a weak defense for an asskicking that would be delt if he stuck arround.