� Opperation Lock 'N' Stalk was a well thought out plan implimented sometime� last thursday� by the group of students in Harbour 2

Planning StagesEdit

For ages, The Claymore Kids have plagued the halls of Dartmouth High School. Due to this, and the constant passing of the kids, the students of Harbour 2 were brainstorming ways piss off the pair. After noticing the constant repitition of passing by them, the students figured it would be halarious to follow this pair of nerds through the hallways. Maps were made, and plans were created. The plans consisted of many elaborate peices. They are as follows:

1. Every person in the operation had a partner.

2. Every person was assigned a colour (Red or Blue, depending on the person they were suposed to follow).

3. The partners followd behind The Claymore Kids

4. No one was allowd to talk.

5. After each loop, a new pair was to add on to the chain of people following the last pair to join.

Plans in actionEdit

The plan didn't go 100% according to plan, but the turnout was just as lulzy. The laps were taking to long, so a mass of 14 people joined at once. Along the way two more were picked up, increasing the number to 16 people in 8 pairs. Half a lap was done arround the school before one of The Claymore Kids clued in that there was a mob following them. They tried to stop the lulz by not walking, but the mass of people continued arround and back to Harbour 2. Much lulz was had. After this event, The Claymore Kids rarely enter Harbour 2 due to this very reason. Eventually when they feel a false sense of security, they will return to the natural routine. At this point, Opperation Lock 'N' Stalk Part II will put into play.

In reality, the reason Operation Lock n' stalk didn't work, was because Jeremy was a lil' bitch and didn't follow through with the supposed plan making, shame on him, a pox upon his soul.