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The TrialsEdit

For those of lower intellectual capabilities, *Kyle McWilliams, I will gladly put the trials, in a format you may understand.

- You must complete the preliminarys by watching these series of television shows, all seasons, and all movies if they have them.
Will And Grace

Sex in the City

Desperate Housewives

If you have survived this trial, then you are ready for the next.

The 2nd trial:

If you aren't already gay by preticipating in the first trial, then surely this will make you gay.

- Recreate the movie "Brokeback Mountain" scene by scene, and participate in all activities shown in said movie.

What? Still not gay, then be prepared to face the 3rd and final challenge.

Enter a church during Sunday mass and preform the following acts,

Sing: Girls just want to have fun, as loud as you can while stripping down "naughty police officer style" in front of the die hard church goers, if you are lucky, some of them will be old.

To earn extra points, make out with the priest .

There you have it, you are now a certified gay, you sick bastard.

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