Faggotopolis boasts its skyscrapers suspiciously shaped like male genetalia.

Faggotopolis is the capital of Alexland. Only the most homosexual of Alexlandians may take residence in the capital. Notable homosexuals such as Elton John and Tom Cruise are not even close to the bare minimum of homosexuality required to gain citizenship to Faggotopolis. The only way to gain access to this illustrious city, is to have anal sex with 30 horses and an elephant. Alex, being the only one to be able to funnel penises of this magnitude due to the strength of his anal tissue (from many years of butt sechs as a child at the hands of his father and various farm animals), is currently the only resident of Faggotpolis.


While there are no actual citizens of Faggotopolis, the economy of Faggotopolis is perhaps the strongest of Alexland. Faggotopolis is the financial and business capital of the Alexland. Faggotopolis is currently one of the best European cities in which to locate an International Business. It is ranked fifth in this category and is only surpassed by Cockopolis, Dick, Fuckersville and Shit. Many large American corporations and banks have their headquarters in Faggotopolis because Faggotopolis is so accepting that they will accept even the dumbest of rednecks.

Though many small offices are still located on the old (anal) canals, companies are increasingly relocating outside the city centre. The Nazis have become the new financial and legal leaders of the city.

The Faggotopolis Stock Exchange (FAG), which is based off semen and blood, is the Alexlands's oldest stock exchange, and is one of the country's largest bourses. It is situated near Dam Square in the city's centre.