� Evan is a 16 year old female� cross dresser, attending Dartmouth High School� in hopes of graduating with two diplomas. Evan originally had a twin brother, Andrea, but when� he died during the birth process due to� tremendous� muscular vaginal contractions, she took his place. Evan chooses to play the role of herself and her second identity "Andrea" for the duration of her life, in hopes of one day being able to afford the sex change and actually become a real man.


Andrea, Evan's male personality, has been recognized as a seperate student from� Evan� for the time he has been attending public school. He is much the same as Evan in appearence, with the exception of some more manly features.

James� is Andrea's� boyfriend.� However, no sexual interaction has been seen between the two, it can only be assumed that they are in a legitimate gay relationship. Because of the fact that Andrea is the male side of Evan, it can also be assumed that Evan is either a hermaphrodite or enjoys penetrating James' ass with a strap-on.

Spongebob SquarepantsEdit

Aka, Renee Arse(neault) is Evan's favorite bum buddie, and enjoys inserting cans of pepsi both in her own, and Evan's ass. Renee, up until recently, has been Evan's one true love. During they're 1000 year long relationship, the number of Public Display's of Affection was non-existent (much like the relationship between Andrea and James, either there is nothing there and they are simply together to try and prove some point that they are straight or they have heated homosexual intercourse without the side effect of showing their love in public). Due to the discussions revolving around cans of pepsi being jammed in eachothers ass, however, we assume this is either another lie to keep up the belief that Evan/Andrea are actually in relationships, or they are extremely fucking kinky.