Lunch with Alex Viscount

A burrito, as it may be called by Mexicans and people worldwide, is infact known by Alex as the disquise for his favorite thing to eat, fat dicks. This became the case when the homophobic world realized that this was a common staple of Latino countries, and this forced the countries in question to change the term to "Burrito".

History Of The Word BurritoEdit

Long ago, way before the Great Penny Race of Mexico City, people were very short on food, and still weren't very evolved from their ancestors. Cannibalism was common at the time, and of all the parts on a human body, the Mexicans enjoyed the creamy, fleshy appendages that were readily available on males. Mexicans, being an uncivilized bunch, usually had varied tastes, and, with cleanliness not really an option, enjoyed many different fillings. Guacamole and sour cream were some of the most enjoyed fillings.

During the homophobia crazy of the early 2000's, eating fat dicks became known and looked at as "gay", "homo", and an act of "Faggotry", and this angered the Mexican government. News of the term, and the apparent delicacy in Mexico spread throughout the world, and this was enough to have the food item renamed a "Burrito". Due to the shortage of Mexicans in the world, (due to many causes) and the demand for them in the USA, companies began to mass produce them, and ship them out, soon to become a worldwide success.

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