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Welcome to the Alex Viscount Wiki

The Wiki about Alexander Viscount, known queer of Dartmouth High.

Alexander Viscount is a flaming homosexual who spends most of his time with his friend. Not only does he enjoy to wrap his legs around other men's heads so his dick can touch something other than his hand, But Alex dates this (See Picture Below, which lowers his cool standards to record lows).

When Alex isn't spooning with other men, he is hanging out with his girlfriend, who in reality, isn't actually a girl, but a dude in disguise of whom spoons with Alex every night.

Alex's race is currently unknown, with many speculations that he is Mexican, however, due to recent events, we have noticed that he is the stereotypical Native, and has been known to show that through his class work (Being a tree for drama).

Alex is a fat bitch, also a retard for trying to be cool. He does drugs, drugs being a word chosen to emphasize his true amount of homosexuality, along with that he is many things, A) A future pedophile, B) A White Supremacist(even though he's not white) and finally; C) Douche bag.

Alex enjoys combing his hair with a pork chop, which is why it has the greasy luster we all see each day. Although the pork chop would be a better choice, Alex chooses to eat his own feelings, most of which are ones of insecurity with his homosexuality. On a good day you will find Alex shoving dildos in his ass while moaning Kyle McBitch's name and watching videos of bowling and Judo on YouTube.

Alex's Beautiful Girlfriend.Edit


Alex's Girlfriend

As you can see from the picture on the right there, his "girlfriend" is nothing more than Physeter macrocephalus, or a sperm whale as she is more commonly known due to her ability to swallow gallons upon gallons of semen in one sitting.